Terms & Conditions

1. The following Terms and Conditions, as amended
by any posted notices or announcements by the
Auctioneer during the auction, constitute the entire
agreement between Little Creek Alpacas, LLC or
guest consignors (the Seller), on the one hand, and
bidders at the auction, on the other hand.
A. PROVEN PRODUCERS: A proven producer is a
female which has already had a cria. Proven producers
will be considered to be fertile. There are no expressed
or implied warranties for proven producers.
B. NEWBORN CRIAS: There are no expressed or
implied warranties for new born crias sold with their
C. BRED MAIDENS: A bred maiden is a female
which has not yet had a cria and is determined to
be pregnant. If the cria is not born alive or fails to
survive to 24 hours, the Buyer will receive a breeding
at no charge to a male owned exclusively by the
Seller. Buyer must notify Seller within 48 hours of
still-birth/death of cria, and Buyer must use the
breeding within 6 months from the date of still-birth
/ death of cria. This breeding is non-transferrable to
any other alpaca. Birth of a live cria which survives
24 hours from birth shall be considered fulfillment of
the warranty, and at which point the warranty ends.
There are no other expressed or implied warranties
for bred maidens.
D. MAIDEN FEMALES: Young females sold as
individual lots are guaranteed to have the ability to
become pregnant by the time they reach 30 months
of age and to give birth to a live cria. Each of these
females is sold with a complimentary first breeding to
a male owned exclusively by the Seller, at the Seller’s
farm. The female must be delivered to Seller’s farm
for breeding before the female reaches 24 months of
age. The female may NOT have been bred or been exposed
to any other male prior to delivery to the Seller.
Should the buyer fail to deliver the female as set forth
above, or if female has been bred/exposed to a male
not owned by the Seller, all warranties either implied
or express are void, and no free breeding will be given.
If the cria is not born alive, the buyer will receive
a breeding at no charge to a male owned exclusively
by the Seller. This breeding is non-transferrable to
any other alpaca. Birth of a live cria which survives 24
hours from birth shall be considered fulfillment of the
warranty, and at which point the warranty ends.
E. PROVEN MALES: A proven male is a male which
has settled a female or which has been tested fertile.
Proven males will be considered to be fertile. There
are no expressed or implied warranties for proven
F. YOUNG MALES:Young males are warranted to have

the ability to impregnate a female by the time the male is 40 months of age.
Warranty shall be considered fulfilled with the first
confirmed impregnation of a female, at which point
warranty ends.
G. With respect to Young Females and Young Males,
Seller must be notified in writing by the Buyer’s
veterinarian of any claimed abnormality within 6
months of sale. Seller will, at Seller’s option, either:
(1) replace the alpaca with an alpaca of equal quality,
(2) give the Buyer credit toward the purchase from
Seller of another alpaca of the same or different sex in
an amount equal to the total amount of the purchase
price or (3) give a refund of the purchase price paid
at the auction. All alpacas purchased must be shorn
annually by the first day of May. All alpacas must
be cared for in a manner consistent with generally
accepted industry practice. Failure by the Buyer to do
Terms and Conditions
either of the above will void all warranties either express
SALE. The foregoing is the full extent of the responsibility
of the Seller, and by way of illustration and
not limitation, in no event shall the Seller be liable
for incidental or consequential damages, or for any
changes or expenses of any nature incurred without
Seller’s written permission.
3. TERMS: Terms are cash and payment in full, or
with terms approved by Seller. Payment must be
made to the Cashier immediately following purchase;
personal checks are to be payable to CELEBRITY
SALES. Seller reserves the right to require a certified
check as settlement before releasing the animal.
A. All alpacas being financed must have proof of
insurance before the Buyer takes possession, naming
the Seller as Loss Payee. Buyer must maintain mortality
insurance on the animal in the amount of remaining
balance until paid in full with the seller named as
the loss payee.
B. Any income generated by the animal in outside
breedings or sales of offspring shall be paid in full to
the seller and applied first to interest and then toward
the remaining principal balance.
C. In the event the scheduled payment on a financed
alpaca is not received by Seller within 10 days of the
due date, Buyer agrees to pay a penalty payment of
$250 per late payment. Additionally Buyer agrees
that they will pay a $250 service charge on any NSF
checks. Should any payment become 30 days or
more past due, this note shall be considered to be in
default. In the event of any default, any remaining
balance, including accrued interest and penalties shall
be immediately due and payable in full.
4. BIDDING: The highest bidder recognized by the
Auctioneer shall be the Buyer. Bids tendered after the
fall of the hammer are not valid grounds for dispute.
If any dispute arises between two or more bidders or
in the event of doubt on the Auctioneer’s part as to
the validity of any bid, the Auctioneer will have the
final discretion either to determine the successful
bidder, or to re-offer and resell the alpaca in question.
The Auctioneer’s determination is conclusive and
not subject to challenge. The Auctioneer reserves the
right to reject any bid.
5. TAPE: A tape recording will be made of the entire
sale which shall be used to settle any questions
regarding statements made about animals while they
are in the auction ring.
6. TITLE AND DELIVERY: Title will pass to the Buyer
upon full payment of the purchase price. All risk of
death or injury to the alpaca becomes the Buyer’s risk
upon the fall of the hammer. An Acknowledgement
of Purchase shall be signed by each Buyer following
their purchase. Please write your full name and
address clearly.
7. REGISTRATION PAPERS: All registration papers
will be delivered when checks clear the bank and
payment is made in full. Buyer is responsible for all
transfer fees.
8. DEFAULT OF PURCHASE: If any person shall
purchase a lot and fail to pay for it in the manner
described above, the Seller shall have, in addition to
all other legal rights, the right to resell the lot, or at
Seller’s option, bring an action for specific performance,
in which event the defaulting Buyer agrees to
pay all costs of such suit, together with all reasonable
attorney’s fees and costs. In the event of a resale, the
defaulting Buyer agrees to pay all costs of resale, plus
any deficiency between the original total purchase
price and the total purchase price upon resale.
9. TRANSPORTATION: The Buyer, at Buyer’s own
expense, shall transport the alpaca from the auction.
Any arrangement or disposition of the alpaca after
purchase other than immediate removal must be
made directly between Buyer and Seller.
10. CATALOG: Every effort has been made to assure
correctness of the catalog, but the Seller is not
responsible for errors or omissions. Any corrections
made to the catalog at the time of the sale from the
Auctioneer’s podium shall supersede the catalog.
11. NO LIABILITY: Any person attending the sale,
whether as a Buyer, observer, or the agent, employee
or assign of any person, does so at their own risk and
no liability, duties, obligations, and/or responsibilities
of any kind or nature shall be imposed upon Seller,
Little Creek Alpacas, LLC., the Auctioneer, Celebrity
Sales, Tim Vincent, or any owners, employees or assigns,
for any accident, injury, mishap, theft, damage
and/or other harm regardless of cause.
12. Unless stated to the contrary, the Seller or representative/
agent of Seller shall have the right to bid on
his animal selling, or place a minimum reserve bid
with the auction company.
Neither the Auctioneer, Celebrity Sales, Tim
Vincent, nor any agents, make any representation or
warranties whatsoever with respect to the sale animals.
All representations contained herein are made
by Seller only.
14. BLOOD TYPING: All breeding animals in the
sale have been blood typed.
15. AUTHORIZED AGENTS: Persons acting as
agents must so indicate when signing the Acknowledgement
of Purchase.
16. WITHDRAWAL RIGHTS: The Seller reserves the
right to withdraw any alpaca from the sale without
liability to anyone.
17. GOVERNING LAW: The sale and all transactions
between the Buyer and Seller will be governed by the
laws of the State of New York. In the event of any legal
disputes regarding default of payment or any other
condition of this sale, jurisdiction shall be Westchester
County, New York.
1. ABSENTEE BIDS: Absentee bidding is available as
a convenience for Buyers who are unable to attend the
auction. Bids may be left with an auction representative
who will try to purchase the lot or lots of Buyer’s
choice for the lowest price possible, and never for
more than the maximum amount authorized. These
bids are accepted subject to the Terms and Conditions
of Sale. Although every effort will be made to
execute these bids, Seller or auction company will not
be responsible for error or failure to execute absentee
2. Breeding dates and due dates will be announced at
the sale; these dates are for your information only.
3. Alpacas in the auction may have been shorn,
trimmed, or cleaned for health and/or presentation
reasons. Buyers are advised to inspect alpacas carefully
prior to bidding.
4. BOARDING: Ten days free board are offered for
all sale alpacas. Thereafter, board at $3.00/day/single
and $4.00/day/mother and cria will be charged. All
veterinary expenses incurred are the responsibility of
the Buyer.